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The Top Interior Design Trends of 2018

Check out the key 2018 decorating trends that you should maybe consider for your next home improvement project;

Colour Blocks and Rich Pigments – Creating shapes with colour blocks, ombre walls and stencils will be rising in popularity this year. Although grey may still be the neutral choice for some people, colour is set to be bolder for many.

‘Violet, navy and emerald green are all key colours for 2018.

Glamorous Dark Wood – Furniture is set to head to the dark side this year! It’s time to say goodbye to pale, bleached woods and hello to the return of retro glamour.

Fringing – Interiors often follow the footsteps of fashion, – this spring, fringing is a huge deal.

Definitely a trend to consider if you want to be ahead of the crowd.’

Greenery / Tropical Prints – Continuing from last year, the tropical trend is still going strong. Add some greenery into your home with palm leaf prints, botanical terrariums and an array of planters and pots.

Rustic –Textiles take a playful role with raw edges and appliqué details. Mixing weathered woods, natural materials and contrasting earth tones all add to the rustic trend.

Metallic accents – This year it’s time to forget about the copper and rose gold, and think more about brass! It’s the most sophisticated and organic of all the metals.

Soft pink and emerald green both accentuate brass tones perfectly.’