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Prepare your home for Winter

It’s important to remember that winter can put a strain on our houses, causing problems to pipes, boilers and drains.

Here are a few helpful ways to protect your home this winter.

  • Keep your pipes warm – Burst pipes are common during the winter. The best way to stop this from happening is to keep them warm. Using a foam cardigan called ‘lagging’ will reduce heat lost and keep the pipes insulated.
  • Look after the boiler – Try and get the boiler looked at before winter. This may save you money in the long run! 
  • Insulation – Having a good loft and wall cavity insulation could keep the house warm with less energy used.
  • Bleed the radiators – Bleeding the radiators releases the trapped air, which allows the air to warm your home more efficiently.
  • Keep curtains/blinds closed – As soon as you get home in the evening, make sure the curtains are kept closed. It’s easy to lose warmth through small cracks in your windows.
  • Sort out your home insurance – Make sure that your home insurance is up-to-date just in case you might need to do a claim this winter with all the maintenance problems that may be cropping up!