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Useful tips for downsizing in property


Going to a new place can be a real challenge, especially trying to fit in all your possessions. Below are some tips for planning and organising a property downsizing.

  • Make a list of all the possessions you’d never want to live without.
  • Try and get the floor plans of your future home. This will help you about the arrangements of your furniture and appliances.
  • Compare the sizes of the new and old rooms to get a realistic feel of the amount of furniture that would fit there.
  • Try to get to know your new home and neighbours before you move. They might be able to help you with any queries or even offer a helping hand.
  • Plan ahead. Ordering new furniture can take weeks, so make sure you pre-order whatever you need – you don’t want to end up sleeping on the floor for your first night in your new home!
  • Make sure you sort out all utilities e.g. gas, electric, water. You don’t want to be paying over the odds for the first couple of months. Don’t forget the internet, sometimes this can have a long waiting list.
  • Anything that you won’t be able to keep, don’t throw it. Sell/Recycle/Donate it.