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Does your rented property feel like someone else’ home?

Our top 8 Ways to make a rented property feel like your home!

Decorating a rented property can be tricky – there are all sorts of things to consider, not least of all your deposit.

These simple ideas are a great way to add personality to your rented home without risking your deposit.

1. Add elegance with removable wallpaper
 It doesn’t leave any mess and can be re-used on walls as well as inside wardrobes, bookcases, etc.
2.Layer cushions and throw in some textiles
Treat yourself to some inexpensive cushions, to create a comfy spot where you can relax. Add a chunky throw to cover a chair, and add some colourful towels in a basic bathroom.
3.Add some greenery
Plants and flowers are an easy option to liven up any space.


4.Alter the lighting
Add a string of fairy lights to change the mood of the room.


5.Add rugs
Cover up institutional flooring with a big, bold rug.


6.Change the bed linen
Bed linen is one of the easiest way to change the look of a room.


7. Don’t forget about the little touches
Photos are a great reminder of home. Hang some photos around the room to add a homely touch. But remember… Don’t use Blu Tack


8. Mirror Mirror
A mirror is a classic addition to any room, but there’s no need to fix it to your wall. Prop it up against the wall to add the illusion of space and depth.