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Key Questions to ask an agent when looking for a home to rent

It is important that the questions that you ask your estate agent are the right questions. Below are a few questions we get asked everyday, that you mind find helpful before signing a Tenancy Agreement;

  1. How much is the rent and What is included? i.e. bills.
  2. What are the monthly gas and electric bills, and how is the property heated?
  3. Does the property have any Wi-Fi?
  4. How much would the deposit be?
  5. Do we have to pay an admin fee?
  6. Who is responsible for managing the property?
  7. Who will be your point of contact if there’s any issues with the property?
  8. Who is responsible for the communal gardens?
  9. What’s the area like at night?
  10. Is there Summer Rent to pay?

What do you think the most important question to ask is?