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How to keep your home damp free

Damp is not as well understood as it should be, considering it is a problem that affects a number of properties. It can cause mould on walls and furniture and make window frames rot.

Here are some tips that you might find beneficial for your property;

  • Tackle rising damp – This is caused by groundwater finding its way into a home through stonework / brickwork. Through a properly maintained, modern, damp-proof cause, it may be combated.
  • Check that your guttering is in order – If there are blocked drainpipes or any other problems with your property, it’s important that you try and deal with them as soon as possible before matters get worse.
  • Keep an eye out for black mould – This mould is potentially hazardous, as it attracts mites. There are mould eradication kits available online to combat the issues.
  • Install ventilation aids – Rooms should be aired well, even in the winter. The best way to stop the moisture in the air from lingering is through ventilation.
  • Try not to dry your washing inside – Keeping damp clothes inside is only going to exacerbate the problem of condensation. The best option would be drying them in a well ventilated room.
  • Temperature control is important – In the cold weather, condensation is at its worst. It’s worth keeping your home reasonably warm, even if nobody is home (this will help you out in the long run).


Tips on How to kill / remove the mould;

  • Carefully remove mould with damp cloth. Throw cloth away after. Do not brush mould – it releases spores into the air.
  • Using fungicidal wash wipe down the affected areas.
  • Do not repaint affected are with ordinary paint – use fungicidal paint/wallpaper paste