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Moving with Pets – Do’s & Don’ts

Moving can be a very stressful time for you and especially for your pets. Below are some tips that should make the moving experience a bit calmer for them;

  • DO try and get someone to look after your pet on moving day, i.e. a friend or relative. This would benefit both you and your pet as they won’t be in the way.
  • DO make sure that your pet’s ID tag details are up to date, and include the details of your new home.
  • DO give them enough reassurance and attention – during and after the move.
  • DO prepare on ‘overnight kit’ that includes enough food, toys and grooming toys.


  • DON’T let your pet out until you’ve arrived. Make sure that the outside space is secure before you let them loose.
  • DON’T feed them before putting them into the car – pets also get travel sick!
  • DON’T assume that your pet will adjust to your new home immediately. Try not to leave them on their own for too long.


Top Walks in Ceredigion

As the weather is improving and the days are getting longer, why not venture out and soak in the beautiful landscapes Ceredigion has to offer.
Here are my favourite walks nearby:

  • The Hafod Estate – Hafod Uchtryd is recognised as one of the finest examples in Europe of a ‘Picturesque Landscape’
  • Llanerchaeron, Aberaeron – the national trust site is a very popular walk and cycle route which follows the river Aeron from the town of Aberaeron
  • Ynyslas beach, Borth – the beach offers three stunning miles of golden beach, stretching from Borth to the sand dunes
  • The Costal Path Walk – the Ceredigion costal path follows the varied coastline of Cardigan bay, between Cardigan – Ynyslas
  • Devil’s Bridge circular walk – start at Devil’s Bridge and finish at the Vale of Rheidol railway station
  • Bwlch Nant yr Arian – offers a range of waymarked trails for walkers, mountain bikers, runners and horse riders.

Getting your deposit back

With the end of 17/18 academic year approaching, it’s time to start getting your property ready to be handed back to the agents/landlords.

Here are a few simple steps that you can take to avoid deductions with your deposits.

Cleaning – Keep on top of your cleaning and maintain your accommodation throughout the year. Setting up a cleaning rota with your housemates might help too! Make sure you put your bins out on the right day – You don’t want them building up until you move out.

Damage – Accidents often happen. If the property does become damaged, make sure that you inform your agent/landlord in writing as soon as possible. With regards to general wear and tear, i.e. worn carpets, minor scrapes and scuffs, money can’t be deducted from your deposit.

Arrears – Keeping on top of your rent payments throughout the year is important. Speak to your landlord/agent if you are struggling – do not ignore the problem, it won’t go away.

Decorating – If you want to redecorate the house you are renting, you should always ask the landlord’s permission. When removing any furniture/wall art, make sure that you do not remove any layers of paint or leave any holes in the walls.

Timing – Make sure that you are aware of what date and time your tenancy ends. Allow enough time to move out and make sure you hand your keys back in before the deadline. You don’t want to be charged for extra days at the property for getting your dates mixed up.

Good luck with all your exams !